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theosm885 days ago | Cleveland, OH | REMOTE | Full-time

Senior Software Engineer (Elixir)

Etherdata is looking for a talented senior software engineer with a minimum of 4 years of experience in Elixir. Phoenix, LiveView, TypeScript, and Kubernetes are our main stack, so familiarity with these is also required. Rust is a plus.

We are a small team, currently consisting of only one developer. This position is for someone who will work closely with the team and be responsible for defining various implementation aspects of the system.

We provide business intelligence for the agro-industry, and with a recent rapid growth, many things are changing and/or are still in their early days. So there will be a fair share of architecting and DevOps (mainly Kubernetes) involved.

Get in touch: theo at etherdata dot io

GeraldGerald6 days ago
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kellysutton1 week ago
Scholarly | Software Engineer | On-site - Seattle, WA | $150k - $200k | 0.5%+ equity

Scholarly is building next-generation software for higher education with a focus on faculty. Higher ed is currently undergoing a generational shift in software and technology adoption, and our vision is to build the future system of record for the industry. We are building a software platform that enables our customers to make data-driven decisions and to automate essential processes like performance reviews, which will ultimately enable them to better serve both students and faculty. We are a team of experienced, motivated, and collaborative founders, and we are backed by leading investors in the industry.

We are hiring a software engineer for the team. This is a unique opportunity to have a major impact on the company’s success and the team culture. This engineer will work closely with the CEO and CTO to build the initial version of the product, work closely with customers, and help set the culture of the company. We expect you to be able to define and challenge product requirements, seek customer feedback, and stick with projects until customers are satisfied or we’ve removed the feature. We are looking for a true partner who loves the challenge of building great software from the ground up.

We are based in Seattle and Denver, with engineering based primarily in Seattle.

Job Requirements

- At least 5 years working in Ruby on Rails

- Familiarity with JavaScript

- Experience working with a relational database, like MySQL or Postgres

- Able to work in the United States (citizen or permanent resident). We cannot sponsor visas at this time

Compensation and Benefits

- The salary range for this role is $150k - $200k, depending on experience.

- Substantial equity in the company

- Health, vision, and dental benefits with 100% of premiums covered by the company

- $3,000 equipment budget

(Edit: Formatting)

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TheBizzle1 week ago
NetLogo / Northwestern University | Senior Developer | ONSITE

Northwestern University’s Center for Connected Learning & Computer-Based Modeling (CCL) is looking for a full-time Software Developer to work on NetLogo. We are looking for a system builder who can design and implement a whole application independently. You will work in a small collaborative development team in a research group that also includes professors, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates, supporting the needs of multiple research projects. A major focus will be on development of NetLogo (in both Desktop and Web form), an open-source modeling environment for both education and scientific research. CCL grants also involve development work on HubNet, NetTango and other associated tools for NetLogo, including research and educational NSF grants involving building, delivering, and assessing NetLogo-based science curricula for secondary schools. NetLogo is the most widely used agent-based modeling software, and has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide using it for both research and education.

Languages used for new development are mainly Scala and JavaScript.

Rocket1Bravo1 week ago
Company: Anduril ( Job: Perception Engineer Type: Full time Compensation: $160k - $240k base salary + RSUs Location: Costa Mesa, CA or Boston, MA Remote: Not remote, it's in-office 4 days per week. Relocation available. Visa Sponsorship: Sponsorship is not available.

Company: Anduril builds autonomous systems like UAVs, sub-sea and off-road ground vehicles powered by Lattice for command and control.

Looking for: Senior-level software engineer with solid C++ skills and experience in computer vision, image segmentation, SLAM, and related system performance metrics.

Checkout the job here:

Contact: HMU in the thread or apply

EliotAtWriter1 week ago
Come work with Writer, the full-stack generative AI platform delivering transformative ROI for the world’s leading enterprises. More info on us and our most recent product launch here:

We're looking for talented backend engineers who are skilled in functional programming in scala. This role is hybrid in SF, NYC, or London. DM me or email me directly at if you're interested!

rest of tech stack: cats effect (2 and 3), scala 2.12 -3, http4s, fs2

Links to job descriptions:

aurelien_gasser1 week ago
Redbook | Senior+/Staff Founding Engineer | Remote (Americas) | $170-250k + up to 1% equity

Redbook is the new software of reference for cattle feedyards. We're digitizing the $90B cattle industry, the largest vertical in agriculture. We have built the only cloud-based product in the industry that connects field operations and financials. The market is resonating with our solution with a backlog of go-lives and almost 50 customers using the product. We plan to completely change how farmers manage their businesses and money.

We're hiring a Senior+/Staff engineer to help us improve scalability and performance, build new features, integrate with other agtech products, and lead technical projects. Upcoming projects include integrating feedyard software and hardware, performance improvement, user-facing RBAC, fintech offerings, and much more!

JBorrow1 week ago
University of Pennsylvania | Full-time | (Senior) Software Developer, Front-end | In-Person | $55-$95k (3 year term)

We are an academic department hiring a primarily front-end developer to work on data visualization, analysis, and sharing tools for the Simons Observatory.

The Simons Observatory (SO) is a millimeter-wave survey experiment currently being built for observations from the Atacama Desert in Chile, with a variety of scientific goals from probing the early universe to detecting millimeter-wave transients.

SO is a medium-size academic collaboration with around 500 members. The Data Delivery group is a small team composed of around 5 people working on tooling and deployment.

phferreira1 week ago
Snow Fox AI | Full-time | Senior Database Analyst, Senior Data Architect, Head of Data (Director Level) | Remote (GMT-3) | $70k-$120k

Snow Fox is an Artificial Intelligence and Data consulting company that combines a deep knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies and enormous hands-on expertise with the best practices for production systems to build modern, reliable end-to-end solutions that empower businesses to transition their decision-making processes from digital to data-driven.

We're looking for talented engineers with hands-on academic or industry experience eager to upskill and transition to consulting with the support of our well-established consulting practice and top-notch, tailor-made, people-centric training process.

Position: Senior Database Analyst Tech stack: PostGreSQL, Google Cloud SQL, AlloyDB, GCP, AWS, SQLServer

Position: Senior Data Architect Skills: GCP, AWS, System Design, Project Managment

Position: Head of Data (Director Level) Skills: Strategic Thinking, GCP, AWS, Project Managment, Managing Large Teams, Managing Complex Projects

This position is fully remote and we accept candidates anywhere in the world, but working hours overlap with Brazilian business hours is a plus. We offer very competitve pay to LATAM standards. Please see the job post for the complete details.

gurchik1 week ago
Propel | Full-time | Senior Platform/DevOps Engineer | Remote (US) | $150k-$230k

Propel is on a mission to empower low-income Americans by simplifying access to government benefits with modern technology. All of our users deserve first-class experiences in their daily interactions with the social safety net and financial services. We're a passionate team of 100 Propellers - all working to help our users get through the month, every month. We’re looking for a self-motivated Platform Engineer to join our Infrastructure Team within the engineering org at Propel.

You will own our fundamental cloud services that our engineering team builds upon, our application platform (based on Kubernetes) that we run our applications on, and own our developer experience and tools.

Tech stack: AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, Datadog

This position is fully remote, but offices are available in Brooklyn, San Francisco, or Salt Lake City if desired. Location does not affect compensation, but unfortunately we are only accepting applications from residents in specific US states at this time. Please see the job post for the complete details.

Freeformcareers1 week ago
Freeform ( | Software Engineers (C++ / Rust) | Full-time | Onsite | Los Angeles, CA

Our team recently secured a key partnership with NVIDIA’s inception program and have been diving into advanced hardware acceleration, leveraging high-speed vision systems alongside modern GPUs and FPGAs to power up our autonomous metal 3D printing factories at a global scale.

It's a very exciting inflection point to get into the company at an early stage where we are at the cusp of securing multi-million-dollar annually recurring production opportunities with many of the top/largest aerospace, automotive, industrial and semiconductor companies.

We are hiring C++ and Rust Engineers who want to get their hands on cutting-edge robotics applications.

It’s a small, tight-knit team and you’d have the opportunity to own significant and impactful greenfield projects throughout the entire development lifecycle and much more.

Our software team comes from the likes of Google, SpaceX, and Apple, and believe in taking a first principles approach to solving hard problems.

A glimpse into our software landscape -

+ Senior Software Engineer (C++) -

+ Senior Software Engineer (Rust) -

+ Software Engineer (C++) -

+ Software Engineer (Rust) -

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